Friday, March 02, 2012

All Things Hold Together

The stresses and pressures of life often act like a centrifugal force, pulling me away from my center. All my calm whisks away as I get sucked in by a whole host of worries - about friends and finances; chores and appointments. Many times, I become so ensconced in the details of what needs to get done that I forget why they need to be done at all.

When my stress levels become high enough, I am forced to become aware of my distraction and mis-guided priorities. I feel so overwhelmed by life that I begin to ask, "why?" Why must I complete these tasks? Why must I nurture these relationships? Why am I so anxious? And then I remember how Jesus taught us to renounce anxiety. I remember how Jesus urged us to trust in God's guidance day by day, leaving tomorrow's problems for tomorrow. And then, for the first time in far too long, I take a breath.

Of course, I had been breathing all along, but I had forgotten. I had forgotten to pay attention to my spirit, and to the way that breathing can draw me back into awareness of God's presence. Yet now that I have become aware of my anxiety, and the way in which my mind is scattered in a hundred different directions, I am invited to come back to the center. If I am willing to slow down and listen, I can sense the principle of God in my heart, my spirit, my breath.

When I wait in stillness, I re-discover the hidden power that draws all my scattered parts back together. Seeking to accomplish my own will, I chased after so many things; but now, I remember that only one thing really matters. As I wait in my breath, I encounter a deeper Breath that breathes in me. I am reminded that I am grounded in something much deeper than my own desires and ambitions. This life within me is greater than all my plans.

Somehow, as I wait in my breath, I experience Christ within me. If I give myself over to his love, he gathers me up and unites all of the competing voices in my head. Waiting in his presence, I am restored to my deepest and truest personality. This Holy Breath empowers me to lead the life that I was created for, turning away from the darkness, selfishness and addiction that has held me back. When I allow him to breath in me, he liberates me to live in simple, naked faith. When he takes his place at the head of my life, all things hold together.


PamelaDraper said...

Thank you, Micah. A beautiful reminder.

Bill said...

"As I wait in my breath, I encounter a deeper Breath that breathes in me."

I am struggling with this discipline and needed to see this this morning.