Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Called to be God's Temple - Visit to North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative)

This past week, I visited Friends at North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative), held this year at the University of North Carolina in Wilmington. This gathering was a blessed time to share worship and fellowship with Friends from across the South and experience the active movement and teaching of the Holy Spirit in our midst.

I had originally planned to attend the Friends United Meeting Triennial (which, interestingly enough, will be held in Wilmington, Ohio next week!). However, as I began to solidify my summer travel plans, it became clear that God was not calling me to attend the Triennial. As much as I personally thought I should be there, there Friends at North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative)was a heaviness in the idea of making the trip. My sense that God was calling me to lay that trip aside was confirmed by the lightness and peace I felt when I gave up and cancelled my plans.

At first, I thought that the Lord had simply asked me to cancel the trip to the FUM Triennial. Soon, however, I felt clear that I was being asked to undertake another trip instead. I experienced the Lord drawing my heart to Friends in North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative). Though I had not previously considered a visit to North Carolina, the call felt clear and grounded in the love of Christ.

I approached my Monthly Meeting and requested release to travel on this concern. This was granted, as well as being endorsed by my Quarterly Meeting. With the blessing of these Friends in Ohio Yearly Meeting, I undertook the journey as a labor of gospel love.

I am so glad that I yielded to the Lord's guidance in this matter. My time among Friends in North Carolina was blessed with a deep sense of Christ's presence in ourFriends Singing at North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative) midst. Jesus was present, teaching his people, and I was blessed to take part in the labor.

I also learned a great deal about our spiritual cousins in NCYMc. I saw that we hold many things in common. While we do our business in slightly different ways and have developed slightly different structures, Friends in Ohio and North Carolina are strikingly similar in the way we operate. In both bodies, there is a strong emphasis on expectant waiting and reliance on the present-moment guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Historically speaking, it makes sense that Friends in North Carolina would share many similarities with Friends in my Yearly Meeting. Ohio Yearly Meeting has a long history of relationship with Iowa and North Carolina Yearly Meetings (Conservative). In 1912, the Conservative Yearly Meetings issued a joint statement of faith, and during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, there was a rich culture of intervisitation and exchange of ministers between the bodies of Conservative Clerk's Table - North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative)Friends in North America. However, in recent decades, there has been a marked decline in the traveling ministry between the Conservative Yearly Meetings.

In many ways, the living connections between our Yearly Meetings are in danger of being lost. Ever since the emergence of the Conservative Friends tradition, the primary way that we have recognized one another is through the formal exchange of epistles. In continuance of this tradition, the Yearly Meetings in Iowa, North Carolina and Ohio all exchange personalized epistles with one another. Yet, the organic and relational connections between our bodies have become so tenuous that it is no longer clear to many Friends why these epistles are exchanged. One well-meaning Friend in North Carolina last week posed the question of whether NCYMc should adopt the practice of composing only one epistle - "to all Friends everywhere."

This Friend was not trying to make a negative statement about Friends in Iowa and Ohio. She simply did not understand the deep historical connection between our Yearly Meetings. There were plenty of Friends present, of course, who had more background knowledge, and it was soon explained why the personalized epistles are important. The three Conservative Yearly Meetings will, I suspect, continue to formally correspond for the foreseeable future. But the fact that this question could even be asked speaks to the lack of spiritual and relational unity among Friends in the Conservative tradition.

This trip convinced me that, if we continue down the course we are on as Conservative Friends, our exchange of epistles will soon be a formality - a fiction that masks a lack of real community. I do notChildren at North Carolina Yearly Meeting (Conservative) believe it is too late to revitalize these relationships, but it will not happen without care and effort on the part of concerned Friends.

Christ calls us into unity with one another, and I pray that Friends in the Conservative tradition will consider how it is the Lord might be calling us to reach out. I believe that Jesus has a purpose for us as a wider body of Conservative Friends. If we are willing to submit ourselves to one another in his Holy Spirit, I do believe that God could use our witness in fresh and powerful ways.

We were reminded in our worship last week that we are the temple of the living God(1). Just as the Temple in Jerusalem was purified by fire from on high(2), we, too, must be purified and made ready for the work that God has for us. If we will open ourselves to this Fire, the Holy Spirit will heal the pain and indifference that divide us, drawing us together to be a light to the world.


1. 1 Corinthians 3:16
2. 2 Chronicles 7:1


Scott King said...

Thanks for the report my brother and Friend Micah! Thee has made some interesting commentary that requires reflection. Thanks for that. My own sense is that thee has written well by mentioning Jesus' presence among them! Of course, thee's aware and sensitive to Him.

I feel we are at times dodging the heart of any real divisions among us...and any social/political issues are not the major division as I personally see it.

While interactions of a friendly and useful nature are a great benefit of the three YMs...it is my experience (and about time that I speak up about it I sense) that true, deepening, and ever-growing fellowship in a real community (remembering the root of that word being "common") of the LEVEL that thee is sensing is needed and thee wishes to continue is ONLY possible (and I do mean only) through the Holy Spirit and that a joint faith and trust in Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, the Son of the Living God, as Lord, Master and risen Teacher is the one bottom-line, necessary ingredient of our communing with each other. On details of doctrine and faith and practice there is so much room for opinions and variations, but on this Foundation of Jesus Christ there is no compromise possible.
Now, thee knows me well...and I do not know a lot about the other YMs as a whole. Forgive my ignorance, my not-knowing. No doubt many true Friends everywhere are part of other YMs...no doubt whatsoever... just as fellow Christians in His Church Universal don't have to be apart of our Society to be our brethren, our Friends...but our unity in the faith is what ties and binds us and blesses us in a way not possible in that fullness with those who do not share our trust and faith in the Lord...certainly some who even try to separate "Christ" from the risen historical Jesus of Nazareth do not share the very Foundation of our hope and trust!
I would want to be sure that the YM (any YM) maintained its "standing on the Rock" while respecting differences in other ways before I would simply say "let's all just get along and love each other!"...certainly we shall do no harm to each other...in my experiences I've never heard of harm done or received anything but deep and appreciated love from other Friends, regardless of their institutional associations...but I seek (and need) a deeper faith-based community to help me grow spiritually. And if other YMs cannot unite and invite all to the Source Christ Jesus, then allow others their paths as they grow to know Him better, I cannot see that any real meaningful community will exist among us other than the socially-friendly (which is great!) friendship level. It's almost like the opposite that I share with a Southern Baptist...a deep difference in doctrine and practice....but I have prayed with one because he is indeed my brother in the faith and great things happened. When I was a part of a Friends community that had a mixture, and no real unity in Foundation...when I suffered grief, loss, a need, or sin...I did not seek out the ones who were non-theist (though we enjoyed fellowship around a meal since we had that in common)...I needed to have fellow Friends who truly believed Jesus answers prayer and lives among us to be my c

I realize these are personal reflections, so thanks for this outlet at this moment for me! I sense it is also the cry of many conservative Friends who share our faith. Perhaps I am totally unaware of the strength of the witness to Christ Jesus in other YMs. I am glad my YM does have that, but perhaps the other YMs do as well...it's just in conversations and in attending a very brief time or in visitations that have happened here, I have not seen that unity so far. There is no more important element necessary to true community, I can speak to that experientially.

Scott King said...

That next to last paragraph was supposed to end "...to be my deepest level of community."

Anonymous said...

Will pray for the future of Conservitive Friends.