Friday, October 14, 2011

Face to Face

Do we really want to know God? Or would we prefer a diety who stays at a distance? Perhaps a god to establish some ground rules, but otherwise stay out of the picture?

Do we really want to know Jesus - intimately? Do we want to know him as he truly is? What if he does not affirm the way we are living? What if his love is a consuming fire, demanding radical change in the way we think, feel, and lead our lives? What if Jesus is nothing like we expected? What if instead of peace, he brings a sword - dismembering our comfortable, self-centered lives?

Real relationship with God means surrender. Our spiritual ancestors knew this. That is why they always clamored for an intercessor, someone to stand between them and God. The Hebrews in the desert begged Moses to speak for them, rather than come face to face with the painful radiance of God's glory. Later, they demanded a human king to rule over them.

We can deal with a man - just please, oh, please do not make us face the gaze of the Almighty!

Do we honestly want to know the Lord? Do we want to meet Jesus' gaze and hear his voice? Are we ready for the loss of control; the life change he will demand of us; the mission he will charge us with? Will we allow Jesus to reveal himself as he truly is, not as we wish he were?


Steven Brewer said...

I guess what I find incomprehensible is how anyone could distinguish a "real relationship" with a god from any other kind of relationship -- or indeed any relationship -- with a god.

Jessica M said...

This was really a thought provoking post. To know God is to be transformed, to be forever changed, to never really look at life in the same way again. And that can be intimidating. Sometimes, when I meditate, the overwhelming sense of love that I feel as I encounter God, and sometimes the images that I see, can be overwhelming and lead me to even avoid meditating after such an experience occurs. I guess that's a weakness.

This was a great post. I have a blog as well. I'm new to Quakerism but feel so many of its elements resonate with me. I enjoy contemplative prayer, it's grounded me in God when before my faith was faltering and I appreciate the contemplative approach that Quakerism takes.

Anyways, I really enjoyed this article and know God, we must surrender and be willing to be changed by Him. That's not always an easy thing to do.